From anorexia to morbid obesity and somewhere better that is in between

I’m L, and it’s nice to meet you.  This is a quick and dirty post about why I’m here, with this topic.

As you can see from the title, I have had my share of weight and eating issues. I’ve written a memoir (hopefully out next year) about my decade and a half struggle with eating disorders (that thankfully mostly ended almost a decade and a half ago). Since then, I’ve struggled with pelvic and metabolic disorders that only in 2014 were addressed properly by the medical community. This was despite years of my begging for freedom from a disabling set of conditions and syndromes that were not just due to my weight. They were, in fact, the cause of my core issues with my expanding, er, core. I promised myself that if I made it through surgery (all will be explained here, fear not) that I would attack this life forkfuls by forkfuls, until I either convinced myself that I was wrong and the collective “they” of the medical establishment were right, or I had a healthy body to go with my ever-recovering mind.

This blog is my place to vent, rage, create, whine, commiserate, recover, memorialize, and network with other who are interested in learning about how and what I’ve done to take back the reigns of my own health.

And I plan to do it mouthful by mouthful.

Pull up a chair, grab a plate, belly up to the bar, if you will. One love is how we survive and thrive on this spinning globe.

Love to all, and feel free to like this blog and/or subscribe to my feed. I am eager to follow you back and learn on this journey.