Thanks for Living Day

I’ve had quite a run since May. The total pounds down don’t matter much beyond the fact that I’m now well past the halfway weight gone mark.

Naturally, a looming holiday feast feted me deeply in the belly of fear of the unknown.

Would I maintain self-control?
Would the food work for my current eating habits?
Could I plan a menu that would still be fun and satisfying for my family? Just how much weight would I gain temporarily from my allowed feasting?

I planned my menu for two weeks. I checked in with my spouse to ensure the radical approaches to some traditional dishes would not spoil her meal. I culled and modified wherever possible. (Details below)

And I lost a bit of weight despite wine, pie, and all the trimmings. (It’s really the trimmings that trouble your tack).

This has buoyed me into realizing that you can change your approach to food, be rewarded by a much happier and leaner body, and not miss out on the fun and traditional times with those you love.

I’m eating my way back into life, I tell ya!


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