The pain from the gain

One of the issues I deal with on a daily basis is pain. This is not a unique result of years of wear and tear on a body that just wanted to breathe in the comfort of consistency. My eating disorders taught me to ignore all pain and my body in general. Naturally, this leads only to further destruction and mindlessness as they relate to those very reliable corporeal cues that come programmed in our bones, joints, and tissues.

As January 2014 ticked over from the year before it, I was taking heavy doses of Dilaudid just to be able to pee and walk to the kitchen. I was stuck in a loop of pelvic and metabolic disorders that had begun to press on a congenitally narrowed spinal canal, causing what is known as stenosis. The worst of it was in my lumbar spine, and my entire pelvis seemed glued to itself.

My wife recalls that I cried death wishes as I writhed on the floor. This is after some pretty disgusting years of foreign tissues making their ways out of me as a result of these disorders.

Finally, a blessed surgeon agreed to take the mess out of me, and give me a new lease on life. That happened in March, and I promised myseld if I survived, recovered, and was cleared for “duty” that I would focus on me like never before.

Look out, body, I’m coming for you! I know you’re in there, under all of that baggage.

Cue this process I’ve lovingly called “eating my way back”.

One of my first attempts to assist my body in easing pressures and pain on her was to wear one of these:

pain bracelet

(You can see my hands and office a bit in the balls at the ends. *waves hello*)

There is a world of opinion out there from scientists (of which I am one), doctors, patients, nurses, laypeople, and various other healers about the benefits of copper magnets on pain.

For me, it’s more a talisman of intent.






Period. Full stop. End of story.

Actually, it’s the beginning of a great story.

Until next time,




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