The shape of things …

I flew twice today — once on a puddle-jumper the size of a school bus, then on a huge transatlantic Boeing for seven total direct hours.

I’ve had a seatbelt extender history on many flights, or just plain squeezing my body until I was bruised for days to not resort to the dreaded and conspicuous admission of gluttonous guilt.

Today, both flights were incredible. I’m smaller than all but two of the flights I’ve ever flown. Those two flights? I was twelve.

This is how everyone feels in an airplane seat! It’s not horrible or painful. It’s enjoyable and just fine.

I suspected as much. I never saw others struggling to wrangle their swollen selves into their assigned spaces. They didn’t look red faced and tired just from the process of setting up for the ordeal.


This is normal.

This is just fine.

Thank you, Dearest Resolve.

I’m speechless.



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