The wonder in the normal

Let’s face it–I’ll never be normal. I’m a weirdo in an un-Radiohead sort of way. I just skew oddball in everything from music to choice of vacation destinations.

I am, however, finally and blessedly normal/average/standard sized.

Clothes from the rack fit well, look right, and feel good. Be still my wallet. I’m going to have to learn that I do not have to buy everything that fits me now. In the past, it was such a rare occasion to find good-fitting clothing that I would purchase multiples of the same thing, sparing no expense. This was such a unique experience that I didn’t go through it or money on threads very often.

In the past two weeks, it seems, I’ve spent more of clothing than the past three years combined. I’m less than 15 pounds from my goal weight, giving me confidence that I’ll be wearing these very nice items (Ralph Lauren, Bauhaus, Guess, to name a few) for years to come. But I seem to fall in love with anything that fits!

Drat! There are worse problems.


2 thoughts on “The wonder in the normal

  1. And there is also the luxury of being able to buy clothing that you actually LIKE, not just accepting clothing that fits. It’s an amazing feeling!


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