Under pressure

No, I don’t mean pressure regarding weight or obesity or dietetics. I mean the good kind of pressure such as a healing therapeutic massage.

When I was 315 pounds, and plus that, I could barely stand anyone putting pressure through my inflamed skin. I was sore from carrying all of that weight around, despite a blessedly large bone structure and decent distribution of mass being my saving grace for decades of that ordeal.

My legs were the worst, as they were edematous (swollen), “nervy” (nerve pain at the slightest, and many times especially with the lightest touches), and likely in very poor cardiovascular health.

This all contributed to a true lack of enjoyment at spas, and a general avoidance of registered massage therapy sessions. I often found myself begging the therapists to give me a “relaxation only” massage, and still feeling as if my tissues were on fire at the slightest, yet necessary pressure. I avoided massage therapy until a few years ago even though I work in a clinical field that sees great results for clients when a holistic approach is applied (including massage therapy).

With my recent 129+ pound weight loss, my muscles, tendons, and of course bones are exposed, which made me initially worried that my regular and now beloved massage sessions would begin to be a torture again. Last night I enjoyed a rather “pressured” massage that has left me restored, feeling as if everything that needed addressing has been touched, and hopeful that a more healthy body will continue to show rewards upon rewards.

So, no pressure, but, yet another perk of looking after myself has been revealed!


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