First walk of the New Year, obesity free and counting down the pounds to goal weight

Eating my way back to health seems to be working! Why wouldn’t it, right?

Even on New Year’s Day, I was out pounding the pavement toward my new healthy, eating disorder/obesity-free life, and continuing my quest for health, one bite and one step at a time.

A quick chat as I walked…

That catches us up on videos I’ve been lax in posting!

Many thanks for reading/watching.

If you are ever curious as to the actual meals I eat, I post (hopefully nice) photos of them often on instagram (seemed most appropriate). My user name there is eatingmywayback. It’s all vegan, plant-based, mostly homemade, and usually colorful fare. I try to remember to post recipes when I can, but I also post those over at .

And that concludes the URL roundup!

Have a great one. Feel great, be great, do great.


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