Loosey Goosey

When I began this journey, I never imagined how quickly I would turn around the 17+ years of post eating disordered/metabolic syndrome-d/food addicted flab and fat that had become my immobile body. I was always lucky in the past, when I had lost large amounts of weight (in mostly extreme and unhealthy ways) that I didn’t have the folds of loose skin between my legs and on my abdomen that so plague most super-obese people who fight the flab.

Not so after 40!

My arms have always been the bastion of loose skin and extra-large fat storage on my body. I’m long and relatively lanky (I confirmed that with this obesity recovery) save for my gun-jugs. Now, they are just loosey goosey skin folds as you can see from this photo of them taken today, January 21, 2015. I’ve lost a total of 132 pounds out of 140 total that was my goal. I’m pretty sure the extra skin here and on my thighs (still not too much on my abdomen, thank goodness) make up that last 8!


My waist has gone from a 48″ circumference to 32″ and counting.

I’m actually considering skin removal surgery for the first time ever. I haven’t experienced a hot summer with this loose fold-laden skin as yet, but when it was full of fat tissue, I certainly had issues. Also, I cannot wear the appropriate sizes that my frame actually fits due to the loose skin on my arms. My shoulders have winged scapulae (shoulder blades), that basically is a result of having too much hanging from them.

I’ll be phoning my GP to speak about a plastic surgery consultation soon. I’ve lost over 40% of my original body weight, which is not an issue. The skin contains no real muscle, but it might not be appropriate for me. I’ll leave that in the hands of the experts.

More to come on this process, as I learn about it for the first time.

Until then, I’ll continue to eat MY way back to health!


4 thoughts on “Loosey Goosey

  1. “Gun jugs”- lol! Love it. At least you don’t have a pannus (my favourite medical word). You are quite right that the extra 8 pounds is in the skin. Good luck with your consultation.


    • Haha! I kind of like it too! Not sure if I want to do it yet. I definitely want to hear if the specialist thinks it’s worthwhile. I’m always concerned with infection. I’ve seen horror stories with people who don’t eat well after skin reduction surgery, which was why I never even thought of it.
      My shoulders are continuing to feel the strain of the added weight and girth, though, which makes me curious.

      Thank you!!!


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