An Auspicious Day was March 4 for me, my recovery, and my health

11046679_10152558590931184_2830109777474429486_nThis was me, one year ago, March 4, 2014, readying for my total hysterectomy and bilateral oopherectomy (ovaries removed). I also had my cervix removed, all to correct Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Endometriosis, which were disabling me at a rapid pace. I had a slow burn to this conclusion over 17 years.

I never had a break from chronic illness as an adult. I went right from recovery from my eating disorders to metabolic and pelvic disorders. Nothing I did to correct my health or obesity ever stuck over those years. I couldn’t keep iron in my blood, and I couldn’t get healthy.


This is me today, 148 healthy pounds lighter, loving life, healthy as a horse, donating blood even! My labs are all normal, and I am even going to be able to come off of my PCOS medications (I take a high dose of diabetes drugs though I am not diabetic as the PCOS triad of comorbidities included insulin resistance that has now abated).

I am feeling so grateful to my incredibly supportive wife, friends and family, and to my talented surgeon.

Speaking about the year, looking back on the necessary 148-pound weight loss in the aftermath of pelvic disorders, and a burgeoning food addiction, yet I never ever succumbed to eating disordered behaviours. Recovered feels good!


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